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Yearbooks are now on sale!!!
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Go to:
Yearbook ID code: 2533621

$23.00 for soft back yearbook

**Online only price!!**

+Add $5.00 for hardcover upgrade
+Add $5.00 for personalization upgrade

Any questions or concerns please contact the yearbook committee at:

Nixon Academy 6th grade Yearbook Dedication Instructions

All dedications will be purchased and submitted online.

There are two options available:

Option 1: Shout Out - Color for $5.00 (Words only, no photo)
Option 2 Business Card - Color for $8.00 (slightly larger, can use photo/words)

Go to:
Yearbook ID code: 2533621

*Select: Purchase an Advertisement for my Student (you can purchase a yearbook separately in the same transaction, but you don’t have to buy a yearbook)

*Type in the first and last name of student, and select 6th grade.
*Select: "ShoutOut color" or "Business card color"
*Fill out payment information and submit

Once ordered, you will receive a first email with a confirmation of purchase.
A second email will arrive within 48 hours that will include a link and further instructions to customize your dedication! (Be sure to check your junk mail)

**WARNING: avoid using small or fancy fonts! They are very hard to read once printed**

Dedication purchases and submissions of information are due by March 26.

LIMIT 2 Dedications per 6th grade student,

Dedications are for 6th grade students only!!!

Questions? Please contact the Yearbook Committee at