Our Nixon PTA collaborates with Parents, Teachers, and the Principal through monthly meetings to do what's best for our children in every aspect, whether it be education, mental health, or physical health. In 2019 school year, our PTA donated a whopping $32,406 to the school and the children. Thanks to the Nixon PTA, our children were able to eat at new lunch tables, go on field trips, read new books for the Reading Olympics, teachers got new radios, and the list goes on! But wait, there's more!

Our PTA doesn't just donate funds and needed items to our school. We also regularly volunteer so that our presence is felt and seen on campus. Whether we're on the campus or not, our PTA is always ready to help our children capitalize on all the opportunities available to them. Join us as we endeavor to create lasting memories for our Nixon Jaguars. We can't wait to see what amazing things we can do together!

Go Nixon Jaguars!